When it comes to the top five tips for dogging it is important that you not only know what they are and that you are able to follow them. These tips are important because they will ensure that you are safe and that you have a good time.

Clean Up

The most important part of dogging is cleaning up afterwards. You need to make sure that you leave the place exactly how you found it so that you will be able to make it more likely that everybody can come back to this place again.


Make sure that the location that you choose is one where you will not run the risk of anybody seeing you. Try not to be too out in the open but make it where others will be able to get to you.


It is important that you know for sure that dogging is what is going on and that you are not just watching a couple having sex in their car. Make sure that an invitation has been given for you to take part in whatever is going on before you do.


It all comes down to respect. You will need to make sure that you respect the other people that are there. As a person watching you need to make sure that you aren’t in the way and as the couple you should make sure everybody can see.


Even as a person that will be watching, it is always a good idea to bring along protection just in case you get invited to join.

Tips courtesy of Dogging Better