My wife wants to try Dogging

My wife wants to try Dogging

Try Dogging

Many men that have been in a close relationship / marriage with a good sex life and who have tried to make the bedroom fun and experimental have often heard these words “I want to try Dogging“.

This is a fantasy for most but how do you deal with the reality? Ben in Watford had no problems on a night out at Harrow View Point.

“We parked up and were both excited as to what we would see. As we waited my wife confessed she was so turned on by this and pulled up her skirt and started to rub her pussy. I was so shocked and so turned on. Then a figure appeared at her window and this guy just pulled out his huge cock and started to wank it in front of her. I have never seen her so turned on.

She wound the window down and started to stroke and wank it. Before I knew what was happening she leaned forward and started to suck him off. I was so hard watching and couldn’t believe what i was seeing as this was so unlike my wife.

After a few minutes he called her out of the car and before long she was bent over my bonnet with her knickers around her ankles his cock deep inside her. He fucked her so hard then cum inside her. We drove off home after and had sex all night. She has told me how much she loved fucking him and how much she wants to go back.”