Scottish doggers – Are they the dirtiest?

The Scottish doggers we’ve had contact with over the past six years have been crazy, dirty, sexy but most of all fun. We think they might be the dirtiest doggers of them all but we thought we’d open it up a bit to our loyal members for further comment.

Have you had experience on a dogging meet-up in Scotland or did a Scot join your mega session somewhere else in the country? Did they try to stick more than a few fingers up your wife’s ass (yes, it happened!) or did they cum a bit too quickly (yes, it happened!)

Kind of proving our point is 30 year old Amber, she¬†loves hot, dirty sex, one on one, bi,gay, group and in her words “let’s do it all”.

About The Author

Let's Go Dogging is the ideal UK Doggers site to meet others with the same interest, arrange meet-ups and talk dirty. Most Dogging happens in and around the car so people have invented a variety of sexual positions to get the best experience. If you are new to Dogging read our etiquette guide which gives you all the tips you need to get started. We also have sites for the USA Dogging scene, South African Dogging and for those who with to Go Dogging in Australia

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