Go Dogging in Liverpool with Adele 

Adele is 19 from Eastham, Merseyside and is inviting our ever growing fanbase to Go Dogging in Liverpool with her.

She certainly has one of the most attractive pussies that you ever saw and I’m sure it tastes even better than it looks. Imagine being on a dogging meet-up with her and getting a chance to tickle her pink bits.

Adele’s members area only profile says “Bad girl who needs a spanking (maybe in public )”

Who can sort this little sort out?

Where to go Dogging in Merseyside

Wallasey, CH44

with Sylvia (Merseyside)

Heswall, CH60

with Isaac (Merseyside)

Birkenhead, CH46

with Dahlia (Merseyside)

Garston, L24

with Brenden (Merseyside)

Crosby, L23

with Karly (Merseyside)

Garston, L18

with Kamal (Merseyside)

Southport, PR8

with Molly (Merseyside)

Southport, PR8

with Stephanie (Merseyside)

Maghull, L31

with Ashton (Merseyside)

Hoylake, CH47

with Knox (Merseyside)