The good ladies over at Mumsnet have had a fantastic Friday night conversation involving our favourite topic, Dogging.

When forum user MummyDoIt went on her weekly pilgrimage to the recycling bank she got more than she bargained for. A fellow dogger followed her in, gave her a flash of his lights before realising she wasn’t there for the same reason as him.

Knowledgeable Paulosgirl (who is clearly a member of this site) chipped in “Well, it’s Friday night and I would imagine tonight’s the night if there’s any dogging going on round your bit. Get the paper and glass loaded into the car, go recycling and report back please!”

BigBadMummy revealed all to everyone “Flashing headlights is indeed a code.

There is something about headlights being flashed means they want to join you and if you put your interior lights on you want them to join you.”

Well, ladies this is an open invitation for you to come join the fun at Let’s Go Dogging UK and get involved.

Hopefully, BigBadMummy’s wish will come true “I can’t wait for people to put dogging into google in the future and it return Mumsnet in the results.”