She likes sex outdoors and it doesn’t matter whether it’s on a bench, on the grass or even over a car bonnet. Whilst Danielle Vincely might sound like a dream dogging partner she actually suffers from a phobia that means she can’t have sex indoors.

“It’s not like I haven’t tried. I just can’t do it indoors without freaking out. I feel like I’m being choked and about to pass out.” she told the News of the World.

“”Up against a tree is good too – but I’ve scratched my back on the bark a few times!”

Sex expert Cath Townsend added “”She could be conditioned from alfresco sex to a partially enclosed area then eventually indoors. Meanwhile she just needs supportive guys who will help her enjoy sex on her terms.”

The Let’s Go Dogging team would like to welcome Danielle to our website as women now go free. Here she’ll be able to find an army of men willing to help her out with her love of outdoor sex. Lucky girl!!