KINKY couples and individuals have been meeting up to enjoy outdoor sex sessions in Redditch car parks.

Users of ‘dogging’ websites have listed several car parks and lay-bys in the town to meet up with couples and individuals to watch people have or take part in sex.

Areas highlighted on the website for meets include car parks around Arrow Valley Lake, woods across the town and even a car park for a church.

Although there has been no official reports of dogging taking place Redditch Borough Council said it had taken action to make areas less secluded to stop all types of anti-social behaviour.

A council spokeswoman said: “The council has put a series of measures in place to deter anti-social behaviour throughout the borough.

“These include making sure public areas are well-lit and that trees and shrubs are cut back, or in some places, removed to make sure our residents feel safe.”

People who take part in dogging or sexual acts in a public place do run the risk of being arrested if they are caught in the act.

A police spokeswoman confirmed they had worked in partnership with the council to cut back trees and foliage.

She said: “The trees were cut down due to a variety of anti-social behaviour in the area and this was being done in partnership with the council to help reduce it where it is more prevalent and to keep footpaths clear of foliage.

“Anyone caught would be arrested and dealt with accordingly. Depending on what they are caught doing would depend on the severity of punishment.”

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