I was recently talking to a few people on the Let’s Go Dogging site and I met Sky, a 23 year old self confessed Dogging slut from Burnham, Buckinghamshire.

Sky told me she was a squirter and if I’m honest with you, I’ve never ever experienced that so excitedly, along with six others we arranged a meet-up last Saturday night.

In preparation for the meet I did as much research as I could about squirting and I even pushed out the question on the Let’s Go Dogging Facebook page to see if others has experience of this. What was a guy to do? Stand and watch or go face first into the onrushing love juice?

For the record the meet started off a bit slowly and a few boy racers turned up and nearly spoiled our fun but once we got rid of them I finally got to experience Sky’s party trick and boy was I impressed. I started off watching in total awe before finding my feet so to speak and a good night was had by all with a happy ending as well.

Do you have experience of squirters? Let me know in the comments!