How can I get my wife to go dogging?

You may have seen a previous article of ours but many men are asking us “How can I get my wife to go dogging”?

My wife wants to try Dogging

It’s not an easy question to answer. Firstly, what is the motivation? For most men it’s a fantasy to see your women with another man or sometimes even seeing them with another women.

One of the keys to unlocking this fantasy is to attempt to take your wife to a local dogging hotspot (but without her knowing about the activities on the site). Once there, set the mood in the car and begin foreplay and hopefully sex (make sure you choose on of our recommended dogging positions). Obviously, you may attract attention – especially if you follow the dogging code but this is a gentle opener into ‘our world’

It’s at this stage the situation can turn in one of two directions. The ideal scenario is she fully embraces the situation and invites everyone to carry on watching (and joining in if you’re extra lucky) or if things go bad you could be starting the car up sharpish and getting out of local car park.

I reckon though, when you get home you’ll have the best sex ever – whatever way it went!