A BEAUTY spot in Rugby has become a favourite haunt for people who get their kicks from having sex in public.

Cock Robin Wood in Bilton is named on a number of websites as a so-called ‘dogging’ site – where people go to have sex and to watch. They meet in the car park off Dunchurch Road.

The nature reserve is run by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust which is aware of the situation and bosses are already taking steps to try and stop lewd behaviour.
Spokesman Michael Drummond said: “We are aware of it and unfortunately that is something that happens.

“We are trying to open up parts of the reserve, and specifically round the car park, copsing some of the trees around the car park and hope that discourages people from using it for unsavoury activities.”

Mr Drummond added they had not received any complaints from members of the public.
Warwickshire Police is also aware of the problem, but it was not confirmed to us if patrols were being stepped up the area.

Ch Insp Mike Slemensek said: “Clearly lewd behaviour in a public placeĀ  is unacceptable and any reports of this type of activity will be investigated. Any criminal matters will be dealt with and when appropriate pursued through the courts.”

The 9.9 acre wood was given to Rugby Borough Council following the development of Sainsbury’s Supermarket on Dunchurch Road 18 years ago, under the planning agreement which included a clause some land must be given to the public as open space.

As well as a circular walk, the wood includes a pond and a sculpture trail.

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