Dogging diary

Dogging diary

Thanks to Joy and John for sharing this about their recent Dogging experience

“Last Friday on our way home from a day out we stopped off at Stonebridge island lay-by (A45 out of Birmingham towards Coventry) which we’d heard was used for dogging.

Joy reclined her seat and she lifted up her bra to expose her breasts and I pulled down her leggings and knickers to show her gorgeous hairy fanny. There she was, her beautiful half naked body lay back for anyone who walked past to see. We even opened the passenger side window. There were a few men in cars parked along the lay-by but none got out and came over to watch my fingers working her clit.

Just after she’d had a very vocal orgasm a man did walk up and stand at the window. His face lit up at the sight of my wifes parted legs and hanging breasts. He asked if it would be alright for him to touch. He reached in and started to fondle her breasts and her belly. I was obvious he’d opened his zip and was wanking as I enjoyed watching him touching my wife’s body. He stretched in to run his hand between her legs but not up to her fanny as my hand was there still playing with her.

Then she leaned her head out of the window to view his hard thick cock. She reached over and started to wank him off. I couldn’t believe what she was doing, this was our first time at this with a stranger, it was getting me so sexually aroused seeing her hand holding another man’s cock. Then she became nervous and asked if we could go now. We thanked him, adjusted our cloths and drove off.

She said she couldnt believe what shed just done.”

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