London, 19th October 2009. A brand new, secure, niche dating site aimed at attracting Dogging enthusiasts has launched today.

Let’s Go Dogging ( is free to join, available for UK and US residents and allows you to search for and interact with fellow Dogging lovers in your area.

Dogging is a popular British euphemism for engaging in sexual acts in a semi-public place and then watching others doing so. It’s become a favoured British pastime and some high profile celebrities have been caught in car parks across the country in the past few years. More recently Dogging has spread across Europe and over the Atlantic and its popularity is increasing daily. Everyone seems to know a place where dogging takes place.

According to Paul Sharp, the brains behind the website and a keen Dogger “Dogging really is a voyeurs dream! My vision for the site has always been to create something that was easy to use and that attracted totally new and curious doggers as well as veterans who’ve been enjoying it for years. From my experience doggers tend to be the people you least expect.”

 He added “I think we’re going to see a fresh wave of dogging popularity in the coming months, especially with the Christmas cinema release of the film Dogging: A Love Story.”

 The website allows every member to create their own free profile, add their own video, chat with other Doggers as well as creating and maintaining a ‘Dogging Diary’. In addition, the site has some powerful personality profiling which helps detect suitable matches on the site.

For those new to Dogging, there are a number of educational items covered in our “Quick guide to dogging”. For example, did you know what someone flashing their headlights means at a dogging meetup? Also included on the site are some top tips on the best Dogging positions to enjoy such as the reverse buckaroo.

For more information and to sign up for free: or