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Welcome to a UK Dogging community. Are you a curious newbie to the avon Dogging scene? Are you experienced and looking to find new Doggers? Are you here because you've seen or heard about Dogging Tales? Are you a trucker dogging up and down the motorway?

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We've got secret information on avon Dogging sites, sex party secrets plus up-to-date UK Dogging scene news and hopefully a guarantee of lots of dirty Dogging sex is our speciality. The best bit is that our site is fully optimised for your mobile and tablet device meaning you can organise Dogging meet-ups on-the-go and in secret. Ssshhh we wont tell!

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Bristol, BS6

with Alvin (Avon)

Bristol, BS14

with Lyle (Avon)

Bristol, BS6

with Dexter (Avon)

Nempnett Thrubwell, BS40

with Zelenia (Avon)

Nempnett Thrubwell, BS40

with Myra (Avon)

Keynsham, BS31

with Eric (Avon)

Bristol, BS6

with Bernard (Avon)

Bristol, BS11

with Marcia (Avon)

Bristol, BS7

with Maia (Avon)

Bristol, BS10

with Rhea (Avon)