Tog Hill dogging

The Tog Hill dogging picnic area was once voted in the top 7 dogging locations within Bristol – do you fancy a visit?

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If you would like to be a part of this dogging meet-up, please contact Nat via the site.

Here are some of the other notorious places in the Bristol area known as dogging hotspots:

1. Clifton Downs – Perhaps the most notorious of all for dogging in the Bristol area. There is an area with picnic benches which is a known spot for the action.

2. Aust Wharf, near Severn Bridge – The action happens near the bridge at the end of the road.

3. Backwell Lake – It is just off station road, next to the rail station between Blackwell and Nailsea.

4. Bristol Castle Farm road – Just off Abbots road in Hanham and you will find the Bristol Castle Farm road. There is a picnic area at the bottom of the road.

5. Bristol Airport area – Past the airport and turn right towards Chew Magna and left into Felton where there is a small car park notorious for dogging.

6. Sand Point near Weston-super-Mare – Sand Point not far from Weston-super-Mare is a known spot for dogging. Head for sand bay follow the road through.

7. Tog Hill – One of the best known dogging sites in the area. Just off the M4 Junction for Bath you will find a rest stop. Behind this place is a wooded area that serves as an England dogging location during the night.

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Keynsham, BS31

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