Gwent Dogging is on! Make the most of the weather!

Often, it’s the older ladies that provide a lot of the fun and Gwent dogging with Wendy is going to be no exception.

She’s single, looking for a explosive and most importantly HOT sex. No favouriting or winking is necessary with Wendy – she just wants you to get straight the point and organise a dogging meetup with her.

Gwent locals are ideal (as it sounds like she needs a good seeing to as soon as the mood takes her) and you’ll get the chance to munch on her smooth lady garden as a prize.

Come Dogging in Gwent tonight

St Arvans, NP16

with Axel (Gwent)

Cwmbran, NP44

with Barrett (Gwent)

Abergavenny, NP7

with Grady (Gwent)

St Arvans, NP16

with Tara (Gwent)

Abertillery, NP13

with Xantha (Gwent)

Tredegar, NP22

with Daria (Gwent)

Abergavenny, NP7

with Uta (Gwent)

Cwmbran, NP44

with Sonia (Gwent)

Abergavenny, NP7

with Ann (Gwent)

Cwmbran, NP44

with Imelda (Gwent)

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