Enjoy some Rutherglen Doggingtop for Dogging in July 2015

It’s a good morning to Samantha, 22 who is a keen member of the Rutherglen Dogging community which scored highest in our top Dogging spots of July 2015. This gorgeous little hottie loves a bit of Deep Stick (for those not in the know it’s when a guy puts the girls legs over his shoulders so he can get maximum penetration on that pussy. very pleasurable” and so if you arrange a meet-up with her BE PREPARED for a hot and horny session

Samantha was very open when she spoke to us

“I Love sex ! My bums best part of my body appart from the obvious my tiny wet tight vagina ;)”

You smile, I smile when we hear that because we know that any Borders Dogging meetup with Samantha is going to be a memorable experience

Borders Dogging

Griffin (Borders)

Coatbridge, ML5

Stone (Borders)

Motherwell, ML1

Ferris (Borders)

Coatbridge, ML5

Meghan (Borders)

Cambuslang, G73

Castor (Borders)

New Lanark, ML11

Hakeem (Borders)

Peebles, EH45

Amena (Borders)

Kilsyth, G65

Griffith (Borders)

Peebles, EH45

Imogene (Borders)

Strathaven, ML10

Jena (Borders)

Motherwell, ML1

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