The Cumbria Dogging scene through the eyes of Susan in Brampton

Hot totty Susan is our featured member today on the site and you’ll read her profile and immediately fall in love with her. Sexy, funny and willing to take a few risks in order to get full sexual enjoyment and let’s not forget an absolute lover of Dogging and naughty Doggers across the UK.

im a brunette about 5,8 and 150lbs i have nice boobs and a pretty good figure i think,
i like sex with men and women i enjoy giving oral sex and love the taste of cum i prefer to ride bareback and i like to feel a man coming inside me i would like to meet couples or groups for some extreme sex i have a few ideas i want to try but am willing to try anything and am open to suggestions
some of the things i like are being tied up,spanked.caned,light fisting,pussy punishments,peeing,sucking cock,licking pussy,and fucking
one thing i would like to try is having a gangbang,i think i would like mutiple cocks cumming in me
i will consider anything so just ask and if i like the idea i will tell you

Let’s just analyse that for a minute….nice boobs, loves oral sex, loves the taste of cum, bareback is best, extreme sex, tied up, spanked, fisting and gangbangs. Is this the closest thing to perfection you ever heard of? Susan is just an IceBreaker away in the members area!

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