It's time we had a refresh of the UK's Number One Dogging site

It’s time we had a refresh of the UK’s Number One Dogging site

Serving the Dogging community for 4 years

We’ve been at your service for over 4 years now so Brenda and I decided that it was about time we gave the site a little makeover and brought it up-to-date. Everything that you have come to like and love since 2009 is still there but we’ve added a few little things and tweaked some parts to make the whole experience a little more enjoyable.

We know about (and love ourselves) some dirty Dogging sex in some of the best UK Dogging locations and we want you to become part of the action. You might be a Trucker Dogging in lay-bys or you might be a newcomer who only heard about our fantastic hobby thanks to Dogging Tales.

Whoever, whatever, whenever – that’s how we live our life and we want to share some new experiences with you in 2015.