Lynx and Joop added to our essential Doggers list

If you are planning on going Dogging you should always prepare well. Our shopping list has been around for a while but what with Dogging Tales we felt we needed to add two essential items

  • Condoms – Well, durrhhhhhh
  • Lubrication – Going anal or has she just dried up?
  • Latex gloves – Occasionally it can get a bit messy
  • Dental dams – Oral protection
  • Torch – If you go down to the woods today you’ll need to see where you are going
  • Wipes – When you’re finished you need to clean up
  • Bags – No-one likes to leave a mess. Clean up and let the Dog walkers and nature lovers enjoy our hotspots by day.
  • Lynx – NEW Entry. Les from Dogging Tales¬†insisted “It’s gotta be Lynx” so make sure you spray your pits well
  • Joop – NEW Entry. “That and Joop” was also a top tip from Les. No-one we know has worn original Joop for a while but we will search the net for the best prices for you.