Lynx and Joop added to our essential Doggers list

If you are planning on going Dogging you should always prepare well. Our shopping list has been around for a while but what with Dogging Tales we felt we needed to add two essential items

  • Condoms – Well, durrhhhhhh
  • Lubrication – Going anal or has she just dried up?
  • Latex gloves – Occasionally it can get a bit messy
  • Dental dams – Oral protection
  • Torch – If you go down to the woods today you’ll need to see where you are going
  • Wipes – When you’re finished you need to clean up
  • Bags – No-one likes to leave a mess. Clean up and let the Dog walkers and nature lovers enjoy our hotspots by day.
  • Lynx – NEW Entry. Les from Dogging Tales¬†insisted “It’s gotta be Lynx” so make sure you spray your pits well
  • Joop – NEW Entry. “That and Joop” was also a top tip from Les. No-one we know has worn original Joop for a while but we will search the net for the best prices for you.

About The Author

Let's Go Dogging is the ideal UK Doggers site to meet others with the same interest, arrange meet-ups and talk dirty. Most Dogging happens in and around the car so people have invented a variety of sexual positions to get the best experience. If you are new to Dogging read our etiquette guide which gives you all the tips you need to get started. We also have sites for the USA Dogging scene, South African Dogging and for those who with to Go Dogging in Australia

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