Channel 4 true stories Dogging

Channel 4 true stories Dogging

Get ready Dogging fans as Channel 4 have announced a feature length documentary titled Dogging Tales that will air in April

“Many people have heard of dogging, or know places where it apparently happens, but very few know what goes on in this secretive world. Dogging Tales, is an intimate and compelling documentary told through doggers themselves, who share their experiences of a mysterious, little understood neck of the woods.” – Channel 4

It was filmed in car parks and fields over the UK over a 10 month period and follows members of our Dogging community as they go about their business after dark.

“Going beyond the ‘caught in the act’ image often portrayed in the media, the documentary delves into the physical and psychological realm of dogging. The characters allow themselves to be filmed during their sexual encounters but, in subtle yet revealing interviews, they also open up about their attraction to dogging: how they were introduced to it; why they may feel a lack of fulfilment without it and how their relationships are enhanced or damaged by it. Not just about sex or fetishistic behaviour, this is a human story about alter egos, connections and acceptance.” – Channel 4

Let’s Go Dogging tonight!

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