Irish Dogging sees residents in a Cork suburb noticing an increase in suspicious activity in car parks and quiet areas at night.

Internet forums dedicated to ‘dogging’ focus on the Marina area and car parks in Ballincollig, Passage West and Innishmore. A Blackrock resident confirmed to the Cork Independent that the ongoing activity around the Marina, has resulted in residents completely avoiding the area when walking.

“As I live in Blackrock, I walk in the area quite a bit and everyone knows about the situation around the Marina. I would often see a good few suspicious people around there, sometime they would drive down the same road four or five times looking for action.

“It’s hard to make out if they are male or female but I have seen ten or more people hanging around who are involved in dogging. The winter is worse as it gets dark earlier, so now that its brighter for a longer stretch in the evening you wouldn’t see as much going on as they don’t come out until later.”

The woman said she did not know what was being done to prevent this activity.

She said, “I have never seen a patrol car down there and the Gardaí must know that it is going on because everyone in my area is aware of it. It’s a big problem that is being brushed under the carpet.”

Gardaí at Blackrock and Anglesea Street refused to comment on the matter, but a private investigations agency claims that Cork is a hotspot for cheating spouses in Ireland and that this is causing the increase in ‘dogging’ areas.

Ireland Affairs claims that the majority of cheating partners in Ireland reside in Cork and the surrounding areas.

The company, run by Karen Kennedy and Michael McCormick, says that since the recession has begun, it has received a large increase in the number of calls from suspicious spouses.

They claim the majority of cheating spouses are are meeting in fields and public spaces throughout Cork with neither party wanting to be recognised in hotel or bars.

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