The Sturry Road park and ride has emerged as the city’s latest hotspot for dogging, the activity of meeting strangers for open sex.

An ideal location with bushes and hillocks for doggers who should show their interest by touching their groins.

It boasts that singles and couples are welcome. Doggers either watch couples having sex or have sex with strangers.

The entry for the Sturry Road park and ride reads: “Go to top of car park and walk through barrier to park. Lots of hillocks and shrubberies where you can see for a long distance.

“Indicate you want to play by touching your groin and if copied then find somewhere quick to have fun. Day or night.”

The Sturry Road park and ride is operated by Canterbury City Council.

Spokesman Rob Davies said: “We are naturally concerned to hear about this because engaging in sexual activities in public places puts people in danger. “There are all sorts of difficulties they could encounter in lonely spots, particularly late at night. It creates a personal safety concern.

“There’s legislation which prohibits sexual activity in public, so if we become aware of any activities we communicate with the police about it.

“We have CCTV cameras at the park and ride site so if any suspicious behaviour is spotted we will be able to report it.”

The Toddlers’ Cove car park has in the past been a popular place for doggers, but appears not to be mentioned on swinging websites any more.

Police have said in the past that anyone concerned about sexual activity in public should report it to them.

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