A DISGRACED teacher who posted naked pictures of himself on a dogging website has escaped being banned from the classroom.

Economics teacher, Thomas Murphy, 59, was found guilty of uploading the images while teaching at a secondary school.

The teacher, who named himself on the sex website as “Saltcoatstommy”, resigned earlier this year from hisAyrschool after his activities were exposed by a newspaper.

It was revealed how he listed his interests on the site as “swinging and webcam fun”.

Mr Murphy said at the time of his resignation in January this year: “I’m thoroughly ashamed of my actions and so very sorry for the pain and suffering I’ve caused so many people.

“I have submitted my resignation to North Ayrshire Council which I hope avoids prolonging the distress for my family, friends and colleagues.”

At a disciplinary hearing at the General Teaching Council forScotlandtoday, a sub-committee found Mr Murphy guilty on three charges of creating a public profile on a sex website, uploading naked pictures and posting sexual content which was available to the public.

Father of two, Mr Murphy, did not appear at the hearing today but admitted to all three charges.

The disciplinary committee decided against striking the teacher off the register because he admitted the charges and had “shown remorse” for his actions.

The committee also took into consideration that Mr Murphy had not repeated his behaviour  and that he had “showed genuine remorse” for creating his internet profile.

In a report published today, the sub-committee decided that removing Mr Murphy from the register for teaching was “disproportionate to the conduct.”

They added: “Removal was not needed to protect members of the public.”

‘Dogging’ is slang for engaging in a sexual activity in a public space while others are watching.

Dogging sessions are often organised online and typically take place in quiet car parks or lay-bys, where the inside lights of a car are left on to alert other doggers of their activity.