SEX-MAD couples are flocking to racecourses up and down the land for mucky horseplay after the last meet has ended.

As soon as darkness descends on tracks across Britain, kinky folk love to put on a show of unbridled lust for leering spectators.

One of the most popular dogging hot spots is at Pontefract racecourse in West Yorkshire. On a recent meet up a couple were romping in a Ford Galaxy and were surrounded by half-a-dozen spectators who encouraged the shameless pair in their antics.

One of the guys revealed the couple regularly enjoy sex sessions just yards from the white-washed rails which ring the track.

He said they often post the time and date of their in-car frolics on a popular dogging website, which also gives detailed instructions on how to get to the racecourse.

The bespectacled watcher said: “They don’t let anyone join in, they just lock the doors and go for it. Great show though.”

A few miles down the A1 at Doncaster racecourse another couple, “donnysex70”, had posted they would be the evening’s feature. They had parked their Mazda saloon on a verge alongside the course’s famous straight mile.

An attractive blonde in her 40s smiled at a group of three men while she pleasured her partner as he sat behind the driver’s wheel.

One gawping perv said: “I’m actually thinking about getting a dog so I can get out more. The wife thinks I’ve gone for a pint of milk.”

And down south, the Queen would not be amused at the antics couples get up to at Windsor and Epsom courses.

Police patrols have found couples having sex in the open on Epsom Downs just yards from the racecourse’s Queen’s Stand used by the monarch during the Derby race meeting in June each year.

The area is mentioned on, which give directions and specify Friday and Saturday evenings as the best times for enthusiasts to turn up.

And at Windsor doggers are directed to a quiet spot alongside the racecourse close to the River Thames – and not far from the Royal Family’s ancient home.

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