Summer is in full swing, which means an influx in backyard gatherings, outdoor concerts and…hot, steamy sex. Experts agree that the summer season does more than just heat things up outside, but what is it about this season that makes us feel friskier? According to Dr. Belisa Vranich, clinical sex therapist and resident sexpert for LifeStyles Condoms, there are a number of reasons why summer increases the libido and leaves us yearning for satisfaction:

Less Clothes = More Sex

After months of being covered in scarves, hats and bulky jackets, everyone is ready to shed the clothes and show some skin. Summer is a time for men to show off their toned arms, while women strip down to bikinis, mini-skirts and halter tops to show their sun-kissed cleavage. Both men and women respond instantly to these visual triggers.

On The Prowl (No More Winter Blues)

According to Dr. Belisa, people have more sex during the summer months because they are outside more than any other time of the year, upping the chance for social interaction. Yes… we really are that simple. Additionally, it’s lighter longer so you have more daytime to socialize. During winter months, people hibernate – eating more, exercising less and simply becoming sluggish.

Relax Your Way To Better Sex

People tend to go on vacation during the summer. If not on a romantic getaway with your partner, then you’re probably on the prowl. Additionally, people take longer weekends during the summer. Being in vacation mode and sleeping those few extra hours kick starts the libido.

Sex On The Beach?

For many, summer means going to the beach, lake or any other body of water. According to Dr. Belisa, water (be it a beach, pool or fire hydrant) is sensual. It relaxes you and forces you to think about your body, while making those around you take note as well. Being wet creates an erotic mystery that is sure to turn up your partner’s libido.

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