SEX acts by teenagers are just some of the anti-social behaviour issues highlighted by worried residents on a South Tyneside estate.

Demands have been made for action to tackle yobs and nightmare neighbours on Lukes Lane Estate in Hebburn.

And residents and councillors claim community wardens are not doing enough to address problems.

Several concerned residents voiced concerns at a meeting of Hebburn community area forum yesterday.

One woman said a young couple were carrying out a sex act near residents’ homes in Morecambe Parade.

She said: “Problems haven’t calmed down – they are getting worse. One person rang the warden six times and not once did they answer the phone.

“Kids are gathering on one part of the estate until all hours and bouncing balls and knocking on windows.

“If you speak to them, you only get a mouthful of abuse. It’s diabolical.”

Another resident said a woman was repeatedly picked on by youths, while another called for anti-social neighbours to be brought to book.

Coun Alan Kerr, for Monkton ward, which includes the estate, said he was “disgusted” by the response of the community wardens.

He said: “They were driving up and down in their van, but not getting out.

“It was just about a riot, so if the wardens say the estate is not a ‘hot spot’ – I’m not impressed.”

Coun John McCabe, forum vice-chairman, said: “I find it really disturbing that people have to come to this forum to raise these issues.

“I’m flabbergasted police are not here to address these problems. I think this should be a priority for them.”

After the forum, residents met with council officers to look at ways of tackling anti-social behaviour.

Sam Rennison, acting inspector for Jarrow and Hebburn, says police are cracking down on problems – but insisted officers can only deal with issues if they are told about them.

She said: “We have been made aware of issues relating to a minority of youths causing a nuisance.

“They have been spoken to by the neighbourhood beat manager, Jason Sweeney, who is dealing with complaints from residents.

“PC Sweeney regularly patrols and is happy to speak to residents. We take a positive stance against all forms of anti-social behaviour and work hard to improve the lives of residents.

“We need to be made aware of these issues to effectively deal with them. I’d urge residents to report any anti-social acts to us as they are our eyes and ears within our neighbourhoods.

“We will continue to work alongside our partners to take positive action against anti-social behaviour, including disruptive tenants.”

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