2nd March 2004

Colly on the prowl

Shameful sex secrets of “dogging” fan Stan Collymore. The ex-soccer ace, pictured in a car park as he prowled around for casual sex with strangers, was talking to two Sun reporters posing as man and wife.

Married Collymore notorious for beating up TV beauty Ulrika Jonsson when she was his lover gave them a comprehensive insight into his grubby pastime.

The ex-England player, now a soccer pundit on the BBC’s Radio Five Live, confessed he had been cruising around car parks for two years. He described dogging as “addictive” and:

  • BRAGGED about his first experience.
  • DETAILED the “etiquette” of the practice, which is outlined on websites that also give participants locations for meetings.
  • DESCRIBED how some want to have group sex in the open air or in cars, some prefer to romp while being watched and others just like to spectate.
  • CLAIMED he had a girlfriend who sometimes joined in, and
  • TOOK our undercover team on a tour of three more of his haunts near his home in Cannock, Staffs.Collymore, 32, told reporters Neil Syson and Lucy Hagan: “It would be great to hook up with you whenever you are around and about.”

The former Liverpool, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest striker took a mobile phone number as he and the Sun duo parted on Sunday night.

And soon afterwards he texted them to say: “If you fancy having some fun this evening, ill (I’ll) be at the cp (car park) where we met originally.”

In another text, he wrote: “Lucy is very attractive, and would love to get intimate with her but if you guys at first only want to be watched, then that’s fine.”

Yesterday he sent a third saying: “Why don’t you come out this evening?” In a mobile conversation with Syson later, he said he was willing to meet Lucy on her own ? and could give her a good time.

When Syson revealed he was from The Sun Collymore fell silent, then switched off his phone.

The ex-player set out for sex after leaving the £600,000 home he shares with wife Estelle in his Range Rover which has a plate featuring SVC for Stan Victor Collymore.

He turned into the woodland car park four miles away at Anson’s Bank in Cannock Chase.

It is a haunt for dogging, which got its name from people who walked dogs as an excuse to meet strangers for sex. Watching the action is called “piking”.

After parking up Collymore first chatted to a couple in another 4×4 for 15 minutes. He then turned to the Sun “couple” after they flicked on their interior light twice and flashed a brake light.

The star an imposing 6ft 2in approached our pair and asked: “Are you playing this evening?”

He gave them a rundown on dogging, saying it attracted both singles and couples, mainly professionals such as doctors and lawyers.

Asked what would happen if they “played,” he replied: “You don’t do anything you don’t want to do. If you chat to somebody and get on well, they may say, “Do you want to go somewhere a bit quieter” which is maybe a car park with two cars instead of 200.

“Inevitably you will get a lot of single guys. If you are not interested just turn your engine over as if you are going to reverse and they will move. If you say ‘no thanks’ they get the message.”

Describing his first time, he said: “I pulled up next to a car and there were two guys in the front, two girls in the back. I got out and stood there and before you knew it everything was going off.”

Collymore also runs a promotions business with Estelle, who he wed in 2001.

There is NO suggestion she has anything to do with his dogging or knows about it. She was at home with the couple’s daughter Mia while he was out prowling.

Last night Collymore confessed: “What I have done is disgusting and I’m so ashamed, but I am only human ? I can only beg for forgiveness. My only hope is that the people I know and love can find it in their hearts to forgive me.”

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article150459.ece#ixzz1QJAyEAoC

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