It was 3:02 a.m. — a violent scream followed by endless blows to the wall had startled my sleeping friend. A faint dial tone and the sound of her hand repetitively pounding against the hotel headboard awoke me hours later — “Hi,” she said to the voice on the other end. “I’m in room 1431 and the people next door are having sex, real loud.”

As we waited for the desk clerk to arrive, we listened. And with all ears toward our newfound fornicating friends we heard the most stimulating high-pitched moans of that of a third person and the clicks of a blinking camera lens.

The desk clerk eventually reached the fourteenth floor, walked past our room to suite 1432 and knocked three loud knocks.

The pleasure eventually subsided.

After the ménage à trois hotel porno night, I started to research dogging.

Dogging is a euphemism for having sex or watching others have sex in a public place. According to the ABC News American Sex Survey, 57 percent of Americans have got it on in a public or semi-public place — making dogging, a pretty common fantasy.

And that fantasy is fulfilled more often on the Fresno State campus than one would think.

Weeks prior, accusations of students dogging in group study rooms of the Henry Madden Library circulated campus.

Former and current library employees confirmed the hearsay, stating that the “fake cops,” also known as public service assistants, caught couples in the act after concealing the narrow glass window with paper and escorted them from the building.

According to Public Information Officer Amy Armstrong, no such cases were found.

“Generally with those types of incidents either library staff or our public safety assistants will make contact with the people involved and ask them to leave,” Armstrong said.

According to Dean of Library Services Peter McDonald, an incident report should have been filed by the public service assistants. However, nothing was ever documented, leaving the library administration to believe that such acts did not occur. And if they did in fact occur, university policies were not followed.

As American journalist H. L. Mencken once said, life without sex might be safer but it would be unbearably dull.

So all you sexhibitionists out there, thank you for keeping it interesting.