Darryl Beckford, Councillor for Macclesfield West is concerned. One of his constituents was approached in a layby by a local warden who suspected him of Dogging and he wanted to know why he was parked up in a known Dogging hotspot.

“I am also very uncomfortable at the idea of a warden, who has no formal legal qualification, thinking they have the power to decide if an individual has right to be in a location. If I was asked similar questions by a warden I’m afraid to say that I would dispatch them in no uncertain terms to go an mind their own business.”

Darryl is very keen to set the record straight though…

“First of all, let me assure you that this post is a matter of Political point and not personal persuasion. I don’t want any nasty rumours starting in the Macclesfield Express.”

As if the local newspaper would do that!!!

“Someone may have a perfectly good reason for being in the lay-by (as in this case), and yet they may refuse to tell the warden why (as I’ve suggested I would personally do). In this case, a letter could be sent which then could cause the owner significant problems back at home when their wife/daughter/mother read the letter.”

Respect Darryl from everyone at Let’s Go Dogging UK