Last week we added a fantastic new feature to the website called ‘photo snapper’ which lets you add a date stamped photo to your profile straight from your webcam.

All photos taken with a webcam will have a date stamp in the bottom left hand corner, so when you are looking at other member’s profiles, you’ll know their photo is recent and can rest assured they are genuine.

You’ll find the ‘take a photo with your webcam’ button when you go to add a photo to your profile.  If your webcam is connected a dialogue box will appear asking if you want to allow access to your webcam. Tick ‘allow’ and ‘close’ to see yourself on screen.

Strike a pose and when you’re happy, click on the camera icon to take your photo.  If you like what you see you can save it to your profile, or cancel it and have another go!

Our lovely support team will then approve your picture and add it to your profile – it’s as simple as that!