Doggers love Alphington, Devon

Why do Doggers love Alphington?

Doggers love Alphington but in truth we are not 100% sure why. With a population a little shy of 10,000 people it’s the 3rd largest suburb of Exeter and outdoor sex, car sex and car park fucking are most definitely on the menu and it came 5th in our Doggers guide for November which surprised a lot of people within the growing dogging community.

We met Maria, 55 who loves to watch porn at home and is a keen swinger and dogger. She loves nothing more than attending a meet-up and giving lots of cocks a suck and it’s not uncommon for her to also try some fun bum sex.

If you fancy a bit of her, she’s available from within the members area. Maybe if you get in contact with her you can unlock the secret and find out the reasons why Doggers love Alphington

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