Dogging hotspot Tog Hill

UK Dogging hot spot investigated by Bristol Post

Tog Hill Doggers under threat

Bristol Post reporters and local Conservative counsellors have recently taken a trip up to one of the UK’s favourite Dogging hotspots at Togs Hill to see for themselves what’s going on.

“In one hour parked up around the edge I see two men dressed as women arriving separately. One gets into a car with another man. The other does laps of the car park, stopping occasionally to re-do his make up.”

“There are also couples coming and going. And coming back again. But mostly it is single men like me – and I am parked with one either side as I watch for the tell-tale dogging signals. Interior lights flicker on (I’m ready and I want to be watched), windows are wound down (come and have a closer look) and doors are left open (come and get involved).”

“The number of people coming in and out is startling given that it is both uncomfortably cold and a car park in the middle of nowhere at 10pm.”

“One man parked across the car park takes a lap and parks next to me. He gets out and circles his car, sitting on his bonnet before getting back inside. Then his interior lights come on. A moment later his passenger window comes down next to mine. I avoid all eye contact and decide it is best I leave now.”

(For more on the etiquette of Dogging check out our Dogging Etiquette guide)

Bristol Post reporters also caught up with Tuppy Owens, a Let’s Go Dogging UK member and regular in the area

She says: “The trouble with swinging is you have to talk to people. You could be easily put off if you end up talking politics for example. With dogging there is no chat, it is just sex with no worry about who these people are.

“I think it is very basic to be honest. It is like ‘here we are. We are mad. We are doing this in the open, in cars and parks’. It is quite anarchistic in a way.”

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