Robert Pattinson might have claimed that he was an innocent bystander in a Los Angeles car park as it was raided by LAPD as being a Dogging Hotspot but at Let’s Go Dogging we know different which is why we can say Robert Pattinson caught Dogging

Everyone knows that Dogging is a typically British pastime taking the US by storm so and R Pat was probably heading out at Twilight scouting for some crunch to munch. He doesnt fool us! Lucklily, the US version of our site is going to be launching soon so if you love Dogging and you’re American – stay tuned.

Let’s Go Dogging UK has been in operation for 3 years now is full of people who share the same passion for alfresco sex and is an ideal starting point. Find a person that takes your fancy and you could be both involved in a meet up tonight.

It’s as quick and easy as that.

UK Dogging fans get involved right now!